Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kira died at 5:20 tonight.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Settled in while I waste time on the computer:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Curled up on an old couch cushion beside the computer desk.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that I'm no longer keeping up this blog. I don't understand how folks can write a blog every day; my life just isn't that exciting.

Just to give an almost final update on Kira:

Health-wise, I took her off the medication for a few reasons. I couldn't seem to find that delicate balance between finding the right dosage while maintaining her quality of life. Oh sure, I came close, but still... She would go days without eating anything at all, not even her favourite Pizza Bones. Then I would skip a few days of meds to get her appetite back and boy, did it ever! Then back on the meds. Anyway, the cycle seemed to never end. I just don't think she had a good quality of life on the medication.

So, she's off the meds and seems to be doing OK. With summer here I have the doggy door in so she can come and go as she needs to so no more accidents inside.

Kira is mostly deaf now. I have to flick a small flashlight to get her attention. If there's absolutely NO background noise and I lift her ear up then she hears me tell her I love her or that she's being a good girl.

She falls down sometimes when going down the stairs. Going up stairs takes a few extra attempts. She can't jump into the car anymore, but that's OK. I don't mind giving her a boost when I take her out. Daily walks are out of the question. She falls down over the slightest bump or divet in the sidewalk/road and she can only go a few hundred feet before she just stops and can't go any further.

Kira still wants to play, though only for a few minutes at a time. She's still excited to see me when I come home and that caters to my ego.

June 24th will be our third anniversary and I'm coming to terms with the fact we will likely not have a fourth.

My little girl is an old lady now and I'm mentally preparing, as best I can, to say good bye.

When that happens, it will be the final update before I delete this blog altogether.

Can't leave without a pic, though! Taken about 20 minutes ago:

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know it's been a long time since I've written but mom has been home a lot lately so we've been hanging out together. Now, as much as I love writing my blog, I like hanging out with mom even more :-D

Mom took a bunch of Leave from work so we've been cleaning the house (found my long-lost hoof chew!!!!) and I've been helping mom repair nail holes in the walls and paint. We've been playing a lot too! I can't go for walks like I used to so we've been going down to the mailbox and around the complex. Just enough that I get outside, can sniff and pee to my hearts content, and stretch my legs, so to speak.

It's been a little warmer these days so mom installed the doggy door and was able to drill a hole in the sliding door so she can lock everything in place. This way if mom has to go out (to buy more treats, of course!) she can leave knowing the house is still secure and no bad people can come in to take all my toys. Now when I gotta pee, I can go out on my own and not have to nag mom to put down the paint brush to let me out.

Health-wise, things are settling down. Mom did some experimenting and determined that 20 mg a day of the medicine is the right dose for yours truly. She stopped giving me wiener bits cause I found out she was sneaking pills in them. I knew something tasted "off" when I chewed and it was suspicious that I was getting this particular treat every day when normally I may get a wiener once a month, if that. So one day I decided to nibble the treat very slowly (for me, anyway) and discovered the crunchy centre was actually a pill. I scowled and refused to eat any more wiener bits until mom explained herself to me. I also stopped eating my kibbles. Who could trust any food now?

Mom found this great new food for me. It's soft food from a can, but has these huge meaty chunks in gravy (Pedigree Healthy Vitality beef chunks). Mom warms up my supper bowl with warm water, fiddles a bit then stirs the warm water around before adding my food (shhh! Hot water dissolves the pill and thins out the gravy.) She says she adds warm water so the canned food not as cold when it comes out of the 'fridge. I've checked the food thoroughly and have determined there are no pills being sneaked into my supper so it's safe to eat.

My Cushings symptoms have settled down quite a bit. I still have good days and bad days. On my bad days I fall down a lot and tremble when I'm resting. I have some weakness in my back legs and it takes me a little longer to go up and down the stairs. On my good days I can pretty much do anything I used to, except go for long walks. My back legs won't regain their strength so that's something I'll have to deal with. I stopped having accidents in the house except one morning mom didn't get out of bed in time to let me out and I had to go soooo bad that I just squatted by her bed and let 'er rip! Mom certainly jumped out of bed fast enough after that. 'Bout time too, the lazy bum! It was soon after this that the doggy door went in. Good call, mom!

So pretty much I've been hanging out with mom, getting the house in order, finding my toys scattered under furniture, teasing WillyCat, and enjoying the warmer weather. Oh, and mom discovered I like to put myself to bed after lunch and take a nap until around 3. Mom thought I always hung out in the living room, lounging on the couch or on my day bed all day. Nope, I actually go upstairs to my bed beside mom's bed and take a real nap. I also get to tease WillyCat when I wake up 'cause I learned he likes to start his evening routine with his first patrol of the house around 3 :-D

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

So far this year is great! Mom took out my Christmas beef bone yesterday and today she declared it defrosted enough to eat - so she set me up on a plastic picnic table cloth on the floor and let me at it! I think Mom was using it as a diversion to keep me busy while she did her chores 'cause the bathrooms are all clean and the kitchen was clean. Note I said the kitchen WAS clean.

You see, it's been raining all day and after I had a pee break from The Bone, Mom started cooking. Naturally the smells were simply heavenly and I know Mom isn't the tidiest cook in the world (little yummy bits always seem to fall on the floor right where I'm standing...) so I figured I'd help ~ soaking wet an' all! Then I had to shake again. Even though Mom rubbed a towel all over, I guess she forgot how much rain I hold...

So tomorrow Mom is going to wash the kitchen again, including the cupboards this time.

Healthwise, well, not much new to report. I'm still weak in the back legs and got hung up on the stairs a few days ago (Mom had to help me up) but I get my wiener treat every morning still so that helps :-D

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

So let's see where we're at:

New medication regime with a lower dosage but more often. Mom got more pills from Mrs. VetLady and I could smell 'em in my wiener bits so I chewed around the pill then spit the last of the wiener out. Mom think she's sooo clever! I have to take antibiotics 'cause I had diarrhea for a few days but they're chalky and taste really bad so I don't like it when Mom puts 'em in my treats. Now I get chunks of cheese and when Mom is baking, I get a tiny rolled drop of cookie dough. Mom wouldn't dare put a pill on such wonderful morsels of goodness, would she? Er, no Miss Kira, *I* would never do that...

On to other news: Mom couldn't stand my Eau de Pooch so I went to the Spa on Wednesday, good thing too because they're now closed for 2 weeks for Christmas break.

I'm sporting a fancy-schmancy Christmas bandanna but you can't see it in the pics - but look how much weight I've lost! Now, I know most folks like it when they lose weight, but I was just about right to begin with so now I'm not looking as healthy as I should. Mom said once the meds settle down, I should get back to normal.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I got a new (raw) beef bone this year, but Mom is keeping it in the freezer until I get a little better. I also got a bag of liver treats - My new favourite is liver treats (thanks to Mrs. VetLady who introduced me to them!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adventures in medication

The medication Mom gave me seemed to be working in that I stopped peeing in the house and I started to feel better, but then WHAMMO! I felt like crap again - only this time I wasn't peeing in the house, I simply had no energy and didn't feel like eating anything, including my precious cheese and even turned my nose away from a wiener chunk. I also couldn't go for a walk, was stumbling around and was very lethargic. That's when Mom knew something was horribly wrong again.

A frantic 'phone call later, a new prescription called into the local pharmacy and we reintroduced the cortisone that the Trilostane cut off. Seems I was going through hormone withdrawal too fast.

Back to Dr. VetLady.

She prodded, checked my eyes, teeth, gums, a very deep (and painful) abdominal exam, but NO POKEY STICKS! Yay!

Seems the Trilostane was a bit too high of a dosage and the new medication brought back my symptoms (peeing in the house again - I hate that!) but at least now I'm eating.

When I was at Mrs. VetLady's I was suddenly very hungry and boy oh boy, when she brought in a can of soft food I went nuts! I ate almost a whole full-size can of food right there and then! Mom was a little put out 'cause there she was trying to tell Mrs. VetLady about how I stopped eating (lost 2 lbs. in 2 weeks) and what do I do? I gobble up food like a mad woman instead. I am a SneakyKira!

The meds Mom gave me starting Monday night obviously did the trick but then last night/this morning I had another accident. So Mom is giving me a wiener chunk every second day with a half dosage of the first medication and we're stopping the emergency medication. Hopefully the slower introduction/increase in dosage of Trilostane will do the trick.

I hate being sick, and I hate peeing in the house. I miss my walks but Mom says nope, not until I have a good, healthy poop.

Great. This is what my life has come to: Walks are determined on the size, consistency, and frequency of me taking a poop.


Now that's a funny word!

Oh, Mom got the car running again - seems the average life span of a car battery is 3-5 years and Mom had the original battery that was now 8 years old. New battery installed now everything runs fine. Still have to get the damage repaired from the hit n' run, but that's cosmetic. Having a car that actually runs was more important.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm not hungry

I haven't eaten in four days - except for my wiener chunk in the morning. I'm just not hungry, I guess.

Mom has been worried for a few days and sought out advice on and with the advice, she was going to go to the store to buy "Green Tripe" and pumpkin but the car wouldn't start! The battery is working 'cause all the lights came on, but when she turned the key all we could hear was a rapid "ClickClickClick" sound.

Great. More money down the drain.

Mom called Aunt Lorraine (who knows everyone in this town, it seems) for a referral to a mechanic when Aunt Lorraine offered to come pick up Mom and take her to the store. Mom got kinda emotional that her friend would jump up and help her like that (Mom's been feeling attacked by all sides, lately).

So anyway, back to this "Green Tripe" stuff - WELL, let me tell you: Mom just about threw up when she opened the can! She wrote on the website, "Open the can outdoors the first time because if you have in any way, shape, or form a gag reflex, this stuff will trigger it! It is the equivalent of a maggot-infested rotting carcass found after a three day bender, covered in vomit!" would be a far more accurate, if still not as bad as it really is, description. Oh yeah, it was some Nasty stuff!

I tasted it anyway - only one or two licks around the edges, though. *I* didn't think it smelled all that bad!

For those who need to know, Green Tripe is the partially digested grasses found in a cows stomach, canned up and sold to unsuspecting DogMoms who are told it's good for dogs, and even considered a 'treat' by some! Oh yes, I bought two cans of cow vomit today!

Kira still isn't eating though. I'm going to be busy calling the Vet on Monday, as well as the bank to see about getting some money to fix the car, then a car repair place. I had a car where the starter blew and it sounded exactly the same so I'm guessing that's what it is. The car is 8 years old so I guess it's about time things started wearing down. So, doing the math, $900 in Vet bills, $500 deductible for the hit n' run, now probably $500 for the starter repair, on the heels of a $2000 vacation. Please God, no more!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Short post

I'm still not feeling all that great.

I stopped peeing in the house and have gotten pretty good for letting Mom know when I have to go.

What the problem is now is I never feel like eating my food. Mom bought some soft food after work and even that didn't taste all that great. When Mom had her supper, of course I begged for a few bites but then I wasn't all that interested after I had a taste.

Mom said this weekend she's going to buy some food that Vanja recommended (I hope it tastes good!!) and maybe some boiled chicken with broth??

I hate it when Mom worries so much :-(

On to other news, Mom took her broken car in for an estimate and guess what? The jerk who hit her caused $1400 damage. That's even more then Mom thought it would cost. She has to pay the first $500, but still, $1400? What a freakin' jerk, didn't even leave a note to say sorry for what happened.
I helped Mom put up the Christmas lights in the front of the house. I was really tired after so we didn't go for a walk. Instead I took a nap.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So far, so good

I've been eating a wiener chunk every day for four days now and I'm proud to say I think I have the bladder problem under control! I'm not drinking as much water and I haven't had an accident in the house for a whole four days; Mom is very happy for that. She still has all the pretty blue and white squares scattered around the house, just in case, but I keep telling her she can put them away now. Mom took up the ones in the living room but left some downstairs just in case I don't quite make it to the door in time.

I'm still sleeping a lot and don't much care for the food Mom puts in my bowl, but I'll still beg for Mom's supper and any other treats she bestows on yours truly.

Onto other news, I helped Mom last night with all the Christmas lights! Last year we didn't put up any outside 'cause we only moved in to the new house 2 months before. At that time Mom had barely unpacked her boxes (and all my stuff!) so she didn't put any up outside. After Christmas last year Mom bought a lot of light clips in preparation for this year. All summer long she had "install light clips" on her to-do list but never got around to actually doing it. Now that it's cold and rainy, she regrets putting it off all summer.

I coulda told her that!

Anyway, Mom says tomorrow we get to spend the whole day outside installing the clips and putting up the lights, whether it's raining or not. Mom has a special 30' tether for your truly 'cause the front isn't fenced in and we're right on the main road of the complex. I don't mind 'cause I get to spend some outdoor time with Mom and it keeps me safe.

Mom says if I don't wear myself out or feel too sick we can go for a walk. With me being sick an' all lately, I haven't been for a walk in almost two weeks; I'm missing out on all the neighbourhood news from all other other dogs in the area! Mom hopes that by getting back into our routine, I'll eat my supper better, instead of only 3 or 4 bits at a time.

I'm going to try and eat more food from my bowl 'cause Mom is now getting worried that I'm not eating enough. Sheesh! First I'm drinking too much water, now I'm not eating enough - I've been sick, Mom! Let the wiener bits do their magic for a while, would you? Mrs. VetLady said it could take a week before I start feeling better and it's only been four days - even though I'm not as thirsty and the accidents have stopped, I'm still in recovery here.

Oh, and before I go, Mom says to thank everyone for all their thoughts, prayers, and good wishes for my recovery. I know I'll never be 100% again, but given I'm a senior citizen, I'm allowed to slow down - only I hope I don't scare Mom like this again (and that Mrs. VetLady takes it easy with those darn pokey sticks!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I got a wiener chunk today!

Mom said she had to go to Mrs VetLady today and I ran away and hid in the bathroom. I really really (!!) don't want to go, Mom! Then Mom said those magic words, "you can stay home, Kira" YAY!!!

Mom came home a lot later and was really upset. Apparently she stopped at the grocery store on the way home and someone hit her car pretty badly while she was inside getting my wiener chunks. It's a 'hit and run' but she still has to pay the deductable to get the car fixed. It's still drivable but the back corner is crunched pretty badly.

Mom started crying, saying that between going on a vacation (planned), then the vet bills, now this, she's had enough and the stress hit her full force. Work isn't helping much either 'cause of all the changes and threats to produce more paperwork that are happening there.

I cuddled Mom on the couch. She needed it.

But before that and after Mom called the insurance company, she gave me a delicious wiener treat! She had to cut a small hole in the end and then fiddled with it for a moment, then made me sit to eat it. There may have been a lumpy bit inside, but I hardly noticed. Mom said if I eat a wiener chunk every day for a whole month, I'll start to feel better! YAY! Wieners make the best medicine and not vet visits...

...or silly little pills.

Lumpy bit in the wiener chunk...silly little pills...

Nah, MY Mom would never do that...would she? Nah...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I feel like crap.

I'm shaking a lot, trembling when I breathe in, can't hold it when I gotta pee so when I gotta go, I Gotta GO. I maybe make it outside every second or so potty break. Mom hasn't gotten mad even once when I oops! And I can't seem to satisfy my thirst - I'm always wanting a drink.

Now there all these white and blue squares all over the house. I don't want to pee on Mom's new floor coverings so I'm trying to find exposed floor so I don't ruin the pretty 2' squares. Mom finally held me on one of the squares and let me pee right there in the house. She folded up the square and next thing you know, there was a fresh, dry square right there. I swear she's magic! Imagine being able to dry out a large square sheet like that so fast; it was as if I hadn't peed there at all!

Mrs. VetLady called Mom today. I sure hope she didn't tell Mom to bring me back for more pokey sticks - I hate them. When she was done talking, Mom said I get to eat a wiener treat every morning now, before she goes to work. MMmmmm, I Lurve me some wiener chunks! Mom says the wieners will help me get better so I'm not shaking so much and I'll be able to make it to the back door in time to potty outside. Hey, that's an excellent idea - ANYthing to help me go back to being a Good Girl and use my potty training the right way again. I hate having accidents, it makes me feel so dirty and it also kinda scares me a little.

As much as I can't stand Mrs. VetLady's pokey sticks, that she said I could have a wiener treat every morning is great! And Mom HAS to follow Doctors orders, amIright?


We have a confirmed diagnosis:


The Vet called me today with the results. Now, I can't remember what the number means, or what it refers to, but she said "650 something something indicates/is the low end of Cushings. Kira is at 1100. So it's definitely Cushings." The 1100 thingy is apparently VERY high.

The Vet is going to order in the Trilostane so treatment starts this week. 30 pills=$150.

One pill a day for a month, then another test to make sure we're on the right track, then maybe taper down to eventually one pill a week...for life. At least we have a confirmed diagnosis and treatment options!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update, sort of.

Today was the test for Cushings. More blood for a baseline then a hormone shot, then 90 minutes later, more blood to see if there are any elevations. I should get the results on Monday or Tuesday.

I spoke with the Vet about potential treatment options and asked about Lysodren. I've been reading about Lysodren and it sounds simply awful. The Vet said she does not use Lysodren because the owners have to be so very diligent and most folks let things slide, if even for a few hours, and that's something you can't do with that drug. Her drug of choice is Trilostane, . It's a UK developed drug, given daily for one week then tapered to however many a week the Vet figures is right.

This will be for life @ about $50-100 a month.

Today's Vet bill: $243.70.

I see a lot of wiener bites in my future, and I'm worth it, right Mom? But please stop taking me to Mrs. VetLady and her pokey sticks!!! That's FIVE needles in the past three days, enough already!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Test results

OK - I got an email from the Vet today. Kira's liver enzymes are elevated and one particular elevation is conducive to Cushings Disease. So it's not the worst possible news and it's not the best case scenario, more like the better end of the worst possible news.

I've been doing a lot of reading on Cushings and it is treatable, though not curable. It's not uncommon in older dogs, average age of onset is around 10. Some sources say average lifespan with Cushings is about 2 years, some say longer. As it occurs in older dogs primarily, it's not necessarily Cushings that shortens life, is that old nemesis: Age.

Now, Cushings is NOT confirmed at this point. She's going back to the Vet tomorrow morning for some baseline tests, a hormone shot, then another test to see if it's actually Cushings. So expect another update this weekend. I just hope we caught it early enough...

Even though she had an accident overnight, when I got home from work today, NO accidents in the house during the day! (at least, I haven't found one yet...)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health update

So Kira went to the Vet tonight. She had a urine sample taken directly from the bladder ("sterile sample") with some big-assed needle right through her tummy into her bladder. The urine was practically clear, hardly any colour at all BUT: no lumps or floaty things which is apparently a good sign. Using the urine sample the vet ruled out diabetes using a dip test strip.

Then the vet took a blood sample with another big-assed needle right from the jugular. The blood will tell so much more so I asked/paid for a "full work-up/Geriatric panel". We exploring kidney function, possible infection or even renal failure (which is always terminal in dogs.) The vet did say the medication the emergency vet put her one is actually a good antibiotic and should have knocked out any bladder infection so the only other thing is kidney infection/failure.

Then she had x-rays taken. We've ruled out any abscess, tumour, or abnormal growth(s) in her tummy/bowel region. Though interesting to note, she has two vertebrae showing signs of arthritis (so when she complains of her aching back, she ain't kidding!) There is no indication that the arthritis is affecting her, though I am now spoiling her by bunching up the electric throw on her bed and she's curled right into it. I have it on low and it automatically turns off in 3 hours so I'm not worried about her getting overheated.

There are still concerns in that she drinks up to 2 litres of water a day (that's a half-gallon for my American friends) and seems to pee so much more. She's also lost 1+3/4 of a pound since October 2, a mere 7 weeks ago when I took her in for her annual shots. She seems to be eating OK, but it's the water consumption and lack of bladder control that has me so worried still.

So we're well on our way to finding out what the hell is going on with my sweet little muppethead. If it's renal failure then we'll explore quality of life management as there is no cure, only treatment.

Oh, I told the vet I budgeted $500 to the visit/tests and if it went over I would have to go on a payment plan of some kind. Todays' bill came to $498.76. Go figure.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey everyone;

I'm not sure what's going on but Kira is ill. She completed the course of antibiotics but is still peeing in the house and now I notice her breathing is a bit heavy (I'm not sure if the term "laboured" applies).

I'm taking her to her regular Vet this week as soon as I can get in to find out what the hell is going on. Given her age (10-ish?) it could be a natural deterioration, or God forbid, something is going horribly sideways. I'll know more after the vet visit and will update accordingly.

In the between time, I'm going to buy pee pads and hopefully she'll use them (as opposed to my area rug and stairs). I have the back sliding door open so she can come and go as she needs to but obviously when I go out I have to lock it and that seems to be when she has accidents (and overnight).

In the two years I've had her, she's never had an accident in the house (well, except for one time when she 'punished' me - I swear she smirked when she did it!) and now she's had many over the past several days. The kennel folks said she only had 2 accidents while there, but I know she had close/immediate access to the run area all day so the low number didn't surprise me.

I'll update more later...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm sick

Mom? Yes Kira? It hurts when I pee. Is THAT why you've had so many accidents in the past 3-4 days? Uh huh.

I had an accident in the house on Saturday and Mom didn't get mad at me at all. She just mopped it up and sprayed some stuff where I pee'd and I could hardly tell at all where I had the accident after! Then Sunday I had two accidents and I was asking to go outside every 2-3 hours. Normally I can hold it for almost 10 hours!

Monday I had another two accidents.

Mom got kinda worried but the earliest we could see Dr. VetLady was not until next week. Now, that in itself wouldn't have been too bad, but I'm supposed to be going to "Vegas" on Sunday for four days and I knew my vacation would be ruined if I didn't see a doctor soon. Tonight Mom found two more accidents and got really scared so she rushed me to a new Vet closer to where we live who is open late so we could go right in.

Without doing a blood test (yuck!) and urine test (yuckier!), Mom and the Dr. are just guessing that I have a bladder infection (I yelped when the Dr. 'manipulated' my bladder area. It hurt!) Now, it could also be a kidney infection but we won't know until Mom gets the tests done and that won't be until after I get back from "Vegas".

One more thing, I have a slight heart murmur. But that's not that bad 'cause both Dr. VetLady and the new Vet both said the same thing, "She doesn't need to take heart medication yet, but she will have to some day, maybe soon." Mom kinda figured that might happen someday anyway 'cause I'm a "senior" dog so that wasn't too much of a surprise. The Dr. said Mom would know when 'cause I'll tire out on our walks much earlier and I may pant more going up and down stairs.

So, yours truly has an infection of some kind and is, you guess it, taking pills. I just got off a course of medication for allergies and now I'm taking antibiotics. I know Mom secretly stashes pills in my treats when I have to take medicine, but that's OK - she stuffs them in hot dog wieners and I LOVE wieners (!!) so I 'let' her think she's getting away with it.

It's official. We're on a permanent healthcare alert now. First allergies, then potential bladder/kidney infection, then likely heart medication. Kira is about 10 years old now so I was expecting something like this would eventually happen. Her timing really sucks, though :-( I'm going to the real Las Vegas this weekend and she's going to her Vegas. I'm going to call the kennels tomorrow and see if they will continue administering the medication while she's there. If not, then at least she'll have 5 days of meds and we can deal with it when I get back.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I got shots!

So on Friday Mom took us to see Dr. VetLady. My appointment went OK, except when I had to get some medicine sprayed up my nose. Now THAT I was determined to avoid! Anyway Dr. VetLady told Mom to hold me tight so they could get to my nose. I fought and fought, then I fought even harder. Then Mom put a choke hold on me and I couldn't move my head anymore, then WHAMO!! Dr. VetLady shoved some Gawd-Awful spray up my shnoozle and that was the end of that.

I hate them all.

But then afterward Dr. VetLady gave me a treat :-) (I don't have the heart to tell Kira that treat was a deworming pill 'cause we didn't have a 'fresh' stool sample to be examined for worms - I'm sure Kira doesn't have worms, but it's better to be safe than sorry).

So my appointment ended fairly quickly; however, Willy's appointment lasted a lot longer and it was freakin' hilarious to watch!

OK, so Willy has is a long-haired cat. And he has a lot of hair. A LOT of hair! Now that he's getting older he doesn't give himself as many baths, or very good ones, so Mom has to brush him all the time. Well, since he spends most of the time sleeping on his sides, his hips/butt area was horribly matted, despite the frequent brushings. Apparently Mom can't trim his nails anymore either, has to do with a horrible misjudgment a few years ago where Mom cut the quick area of the nail and now he won't let her near his feet. I guess the nails were so horribly long, that one was even curled under onto the pad of his foot.

So Willy had to be put in the oxygen box to be knocked out (I coulda done it myself with a hammer...and opposable thumbs) then hooked up to a mask, then he got shaved and had his nails done. Now, I don't much care for Willy (truth is, he scares me a little) but watching him lying there all helpless an' all, while two techs worked on him, well, I have to admit a little part of my heart went out to him. Only a very little part, though.

The rest of me laughed at his helpless ass. Try to hurt me now, weeny-boy! You don't have those sharp claws anymore - I can pass you in the hallway and there's not a whole lot you can do but hiss and yowl. But I can bark and mean it, whereas your hissing and yowling are like your nuts - an empty bag of air! (KIRA!!)

Sorry Mom...but it's funny to see him now, trying to act all tuff an' all!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oven Mitt Game in action!

Played with Mom for a bit tonight and she wanted to show you how we play the Oven Mitt Game:

Never mind Mom's heavy breathing - she was trying to keep up with me while holding the camera; she didn't realize it was under her nose. Also dear reader please note: *I* don't bark, even when I'm all excited an' everything!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer's over :-(

Mom took a week off work to spend some quality time with me! I'm going to let her do some chores in between cuddles, so long as it includes getting me a treat for interrupting our play time.

Today I had rice krispy squares (well, the last bite/corner piece) and we played with the rope toy and oven mitt while Mom was waiting for the washer and dryer to do her laundry chores.

Mom says tomorrow her chores mean she has to go out but hopefully the rain will ease up and we can go for a nice, long walk when she gets back. She made a lot of 'phone calls today and one was to confirm an appointment for Willy at the Vet - his butt is all lumpy with matts so he's getting shaved. *I* made sure my name never came up so YAY, no Vet for me...Gotcha! We used code to confirm Kira's Vet appointment for her annual shots. I'm going away for a week in November (hopefully) and she'll have to be kenneled so the shots need doing now or they'll come due while she's in 'Vegas'.

Oh, I almost forgot! Summer ended rather abruptly this year , for example I think it was 2 weeks ago Mom had the A/C on when there was two really hot days and tonight she had to put the fireplace on AND THE ELECTRIC BLANKET ON THE BED!!!

I luv da 'lectric blanky on da bed :-D

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blogger messed me up

So Blogger decided to switch things up and I couldn't for the life of me remember my email address I used to start this blog or the correct password. Mom says she's sick and tired of all this "strong password" crap and said if she has to start writing it all down then it kinda defeats the purpose.

So Mom has been making some noise lately about moving (again???) She's tired of 'community living' and wants a for real house of her very own. Thinking about going from a townhouse to a freehold/non-strata house 'cause it's time.

I don't really care so long as there's a yard for me to poop in and that Mom is happy and that there's lots of places to walk and sniff and trails, and bushes, get the picture.

OH! We did have some excitement this summer! Where we live there isn't much a frontage for each unit, no front yard at all and maybe a 6'x4' patch of dirt to plant flowers. Anyway, there a rhodo bush that had some angry soldier wasps hovering around and mom found a HUGE wasp nest underground! She went on the attack, used 4 cans of wasp spray, dug it out, then sprayed it all again. She declared victory on day 4 of the battle.

Other than that, It's been a pretty laid back summer. Hope you're all enjoying yours!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm tuckered

So Mom and I went to see Aunt Jo and Uncle Dale. Mom felt kind of bad 'cause they're moving away and she thought they had at least another week but it turned out the packers were starting on Friday. We scooted home Friday morning 'cause Mom really felt like we were imposing.

I had lots of fun, though! Aunt Jo takes their dog, Katie, for this ridiculously long walking route (5 km/3 mi.) but for Katie, that's OK 'cause she's a Big Dog (100 lbs.) and can handle it. Yours truly, on the other hand, has these wee little stubby legs and gets tuckered out a little earlier than dear Katie.

So off we went for this amazing walk - Mom challenged me to keep up with Katie and for the most part I did ~ oh, sure there were times when I had to stop and sniff, pee, and sniff some more, but Mom caught on and realized I was cheating and taking a mini-rest. I secretly think Mom took advantage of my little cheat to cheat a little herself. She would look at Aunt Jo and say, "Wait up a sec. Kira is peeing!" And we would pause for a (sneaky) rest.

I feel so used...exhausted and well-walked, but used nonetheless.

We stopped by the lake and Mom threw sticks for Katie - *I* am much too sophisticated and lady-like to chase after a silly stick, so I took my time to explore the nooks and crannies by the shore. I swear I wasn't chicken to go in, but it was getting dark, and Katie got everyone wet every time she shook anyway, and the rocks were slippery, and I couldn't see the bottom, and...and...BWOK-bok-bok-bok-BWOK....

A good time was had by all, and I LOVED the ferry ride(s) - Mom didn't fight with anyone this time, but we did stay out of the Pet Area and just walked around (and around and around) the car deck.

I did get a mini-snorgle from a handsome ferry worker, though :wink:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm a pretty girl...again

I had my Spa Day early - Mom got a call from the Spa and they had a cancellation so I was able to get in Friday instead of waiting until today.


Mom asked that I be shaved right down 'cause I was so hairy and they did, but not as bad as it sounded when Mom was telling the lady what to do. I gotta admit, when Mom said, "shave her down, military style!!" I inwardly freaked out.

Now my coat is fuzzy but very short. Today we went for a walk and I hardly panted until we got closer to home, but by then it wasn't 'cause I was hot, but gee, Mom really made me work tonight! Apparently my Good Girl skills have been slacking of late so Mom brought ham treats and made me sit at every intersection, wouldn't let me pee wherever I wanted, and kept the flex leash pretty gosh darn short!

I feel like I'm back in school and I KNOW it's almost Summer Break so I really don't think it's very fair at all. Mom says if I practice my Good Girl skills I will be a happy girl 'cause Mom won't be (as) concerned when we meet people or go visit folks.

I s'pose that really means if I practice my skills, Mom won't need to watch me as closely.....Heeeeeyyy, that could work in my favour! Hmmmm...